Don't Let a Flat Leave You Stranded

Fix holes in your tires with our tire repairs in Linden or Atlanta, TX

Every driver dreads the sound of a tire blowing out. If you've hit a curb wrong or run over a nail in the road, bring your car to A&R Service, LLC. We can perform tire repairs to patch over the damage to your tires. While our focus now is on passenger vehicles, we'll soon be able to do commercial vehicle tire installations and replacements.

You can turn to us for:

Mounting and balancing
TPMS service and replacement
Plugs and patches
Access to off-roading tires

Call now at 903-756-7010 to ask about the tire repairs we do in Linden & Atlanta, TX.

Change out old tires at our auto shop

Change out old tires at our auto shop

When you need your tires replaced, let us know. We have plenty of experience performing tire replacement services. You can pick out the new tires you want to make sure you get tires at a price range you're happy with. If we don't have what you're looking for, we can get it the next day.

Contact us today by calling 903-756-7010 to arrange for a tire replacement in Linden or Atlanta, TX.