Scrub Away Dirt, Dust and Pollen

Stop by for a car wash at our auto shop in Linden, near Atlanta, TX

You don't have to drag the hose out to wash your car. Just come to A&R Service, LLC. We'll take care of the quick, easy car wash you need so you don't have to put up with a dirty car. This service costs just $25 as an add-on to our other repair and maintenance services.

Contact us today by calling 903-756-7010 to learn more about the car washes we offer in Linden, TX.

Drive a clean car away from our location

Drive a clean car away from our location

You don't need giant brushes and bulky machinery to give your car a good clean. Our car hand washing is detailed and effective. We'll make sure to never miss a spot when we wash your car. The human touch makes a huge difference when it comes to getting your car clean.

Call now at 903-756-7010 to ask about the car hand washing we do in the Linden & Atlanta, TX area.