Make Sure Your Brakes Are in Good Shape

Stay safe with our brake replacement services in Linden, near Atlanta, TX

Have your brakes become less responsive? Eventually, your brakes will need to be replaced. A&R Service, LLC can take care of brake replacement services for your vehicle. We'll change out the brakes so you don't have to worry about them giving out while you're on the highway. Make the smart choice by arranging for brake replacement right away.

How do you know when you need new brake pads? Watch out for signs like:

Grinding or squealing sounds when you try to brake
You need a longer stopping distance when braking
You have to push your brake down further for them to respond

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Be able to stop at the right time

Be able to stop at the right time

In addition to brake pad replacements, we can take care of rotor replacements. Like with brake pads, your brake rotors need to be replaced in pairs to make sure your stopping distance is even across your vehicle. We can turn your rotors and drums. We can also replace brake fluid.

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